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August Update

Hello everyone!

August not only had the great sun to offer, but we are also happy to present many innovations on Landania.



First of all – MineTicker. Many of you often ask yourselves how many items are really worth. For this reason, we have created an online page for you on which you can find the traded items and the prices at which they went over the counter.

The prices are only guidelines, because the prices consider the development of the last months. A same-day development is not possible, but you can check the history over the last 3 months by clicking on the item and set your price ingame.

Fishing System

The fishing system has been optimized by us, you can now fish for special drops such as fruits and much more, this depends on your fishing rod and the enchantment Luck of the Sea. As higher the level as better drops awaiting you when fishing. Also have a look at our wiki, where you can find all the drops and further information.

Report System

Every now and then, things get restless in the chat and there’s no staff member in sight, so you have to go to Discord and open a support ticket and send a screenshot… That was very inconvenient, so we created the /report system for you. With this you can report players directly ingame for chat violations. With the command “/report ” the GUI opens and you can choose from different reasons why you want to report the specific player. This report will be processed in a short time by staff members.

Please note that exploiting the system can cause exclusions.


You are eager to play with friends on Landania? If it weren’t for the loading screen, which makes the game visually perfect, but takes a bit of time. In the last month we found a solution to reduce the waiting time when you join Landania, so you can join quickly and play with your friends.

We would also like to thank you again for your /bugs, feedbacks and ideas.

We were able to fix several bugs this month with your help, e.g. flying dragons no longer disappear and beautify your realm with their majestic appearance again.

Trash cans can be used everywhere in the mainworld again to empty your inventory quickly without throwing items on the floor and not waiting for the clear.

Furthermore, special items can be enchanted again, so nothing stands in the way of your optimizations.

You see great emojis in the chat but don’t know how to create them? Now if you hover over the specific emoji you can see the exact name and add it to your messages.


See you soon for our next update!


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