Our Roadmap

This roadmap is updated monthly and may therefore differ from the real current status.
When a ring reaches the 100% mark, it is moved to the next division of the team and starts again at 0%.
We also leave updates that we have recently released on the roadmap for at least 1 month to make sure everyone gets the information.

Concept & Design


Bugfixing This element just shows that we also care about all the bugs. This goes on and will never end.

Season Pass A Pass, free or purchasable, offers exclusive content and rewards over a set period for completing quests.

Testing & Bugfixing

Recently Released

Clan-SystemYou will be able to create your on clan.

Anarchy WorldA world with activated PVP and no rules, almost.

Christmas EventAn amazing event, as you are used to.

Landania 1.20.1We upgrade the entire server to the MC version 1.20.1

Landania App Use this app to link accounts, vote, chat, and shop with Apple or Google Pay.

Bedrock Edition Our most important update. We try to provide the Ability to join with the Bedrock Edition as soon as possible.

Last Update: 1 February 2024 11:00 am CEST