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Christmas Update 2023

Hello everyone!

A magical winter wonderland awaits you! We’ve introduced some exciting things for you to spread the festive spirit and brighten up your gaming experience in the run-up to Christmas.

The mainworld is decked out in festive splendour with a flying Santa Claus and his faithful companion Rudolf in their festively decorated stables. But that’s not all – the boss bar and scoreboard have also been given a Christmas makeover. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere and enjoy the atmospheric surroundings.

Use our special Christmas emojis now to spice up your conversations with an extra dose of festive cheer. Spread joy, share your best wishes and bring the festive magic to life in your conversations.

Stroll around our mainworld and through our festively decorated Christmas market, where tempting stalls with typical pastries and Christmas drinks await you. Enjoy the delicious treats and share your festive favourites with others.

Every day you can pick up a special gift in the mainworld – our Advent calendar has new surprises in store for you every day. Be enchanted by the little treats and look forward to a daily highlight in the run-up to Christmas.

Discover Christmas surprises in the Normal and Ice Chest that will make your Christmas even better. From festive wrapping paper to special items, you can find everything you need to make your friends happy and share the festive spirit.

We have listened carefully to your feedback on OnlyUp and are proud to present a new and optimised map for even more fun and challenges. Be surprised by the new elements and experience OnlyUp in an even more thrilling version. Of course, you will again receive an award for completing certain sections, which you can present to your friends.

Visit our furniture store and discover new furnishing options that have been specially designed for Christmas. Give your Realm a festive touch and create a cosy atmosphere for the holidays.

We hope you’ll love the festive additions to our mainworld as much as we do! Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere, enjoy the festive mood and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with us.


See you soon for our next update!


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