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The End

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to present you our End Update!

First of all, we would like to present the new farm world “The End”. To enter this world, you need the demanded End-Fruit and a level of at least 35. End-Fruits can either be dropped by Enderman or found in cheast in the farm world. If you are brave, you can also try your luck at the black market trader, because the fairy does not have any End-Fruits ready for you.

For more space in your inventory or EC, we recommend using shulker boxes. To get your hands on shulkers, you will need to arm yourself with “The Ender”-axe. This customized axe is made from “The Ender Handle” (two end rods and a gold nugget) and “The Ender Axe Head” (four gold ingots, two netherite ingots and an eye of ender). The Axe is your tool of choice in the battle against the dangerous Shulker if you want to capture Shulker Shells.

Go into battle and use the axe against a Shulker. With luck, the Shulker will drop a valuable shell. But be careful, the fight is challenging and your axe will be destroyed if a shell drops. You need to craft a new axe to be prepared for the next battle.

You want to fight the Ender Dragon?
To call the dragon, you first need a dragon egg. You can craft this from 9 dragon egg fragments, which you can obtain by mining dragon heads. Once you have the dragon egg in your hands, go to the final dragon structure and place it there. This will summon the Ender Dragon and the battle can begin. After defeating the dragon, you will receive 10 CP and have a chance of receiving a dragon head as loot. The EXP will fall from the sky like stars to celebrate your victory.

Another new feature on the server is when you find end portal frames you can mine them and like spawners you have a certain chance of end portal fragments dropping, this applies in the farm world as well as the game world. With 9 fragments you can craft a new end portal frame.

With the new End Chest, we bring many new wins to Landania.

  • Interrating Prefix, this prefix will make your name stand out from the other players
  • Guardian of the End, this title will appear above your name as soon as you activate it under /settings.
  • Elytra
  • Skills: More Health, less hunger,  reduced resurrection cost, less fall damage
  • Endportal-Frame
  • EC-Upgrade
  • Dragon head
  • Dragon egg
  • Dragon egg fragment; with nine of these you can craft a dragon egg
  • Small flying dragon for your realm
  • The Ender Teleporter Barton; with this customized item you can cast an ender pearl every few seconds and you will be teleported like a normal thrown ender pearl.
  • Shulker Box
  • Shulker Shell
  • Shulker & Endermite Spawnegg
  • The Ender
  • Light blocks, you want to put light on your realm where a torch or lantern doesn’t really fit well, with the new light blocks you can illuminate your realm in a whole new way. When you redesign your realm, you can dismantle the light blocks again, take a light block, hit the ground and they will all be displayed in the radius and you can dismantle them.
  • Invisible frames, with these frames you can re-emphasise your items, no wooden frame distracts from your display.
  • Plush toys
  • End furniture and decoration

… and much more

See you soon for our next update! 






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