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Summer Update 2023

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to present you the summer event and updates for the month of June.

Summer has arrived on Landania and from July 5 to August 21, exciting attractions such as motorcycle races and concerts await you on the main world. Immerse yourself in the summer atmosphere and discover numerous other highlights.

During your exploration tour on the main world, you can always fortify yourself with tasty snacks at our kiosk. Enjoy it!

If the heat is too much for you, we recommend a trip to one of our farm worlds. There you can look for ice cream in the chest to cool down and earn Refreshment Points at the same time. In total, you can earn 48 points throughout the event, which you can exchange for great prizes at the ice cream vendor. To keep track of your points, you can use the “/refreshmentpoints” command at any time. A delicious refreshment for hot days that you can enjoy at any time when you feel a little hungry!

Would you like to decorate your realm to match the summer season? Visit our furniture store, where you will find a selection of garden furniture, perfect for cozy barbecues with friends or a relaxing day at the beach.

What can’t be missing in summer? A lively water fight with friends! In these cases, you can win fantastic water guns with which you can make your friends really wet. You can win them in the crystal chest.

If you don’t feel like a water fight, you can pack your snorkel and straw hat and spend a day at the beach with Octi and Bubbles.

Updates for the month of June:

Rules and regulations: Based on your feedback, we have created a rulebook that provides clarity on the general rules on the server as well as allowed mods.
You can read all the details here:

Auction House (Direct Buy): By popular demand, we have implemented the option for direct purchase in the Auction House. You can now purchase items from other players even if they are not online. To use this feature, you need to have the Premium rank or reach at least level 20.

Adjustment of Drop Chances (Fruits & Spawneggs): Based on your feedback, we have significantly increased the drop chances. There is a limit of 5 spawneggs and 10 fruits per hour. For example, in the ice farm world, the drop chance for individual drops (fruits/spawneggs) is 4% if you have at least the enchantment looting 1. For more detailed information on the probabilities in the different farm worlds, please see the wiki.


See you soon for our next update!


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