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Ocean Chest and July Update

Hello everyone!

We are happy to present you the new Ocean Chest and the latest updates.

Summer is here and people like to jump into the pool or the ocean for a little cooling off. In the ocean you can discover a lot, just like in our new chest.

First of all, we would like to present you the new machine, the Coral Mine, which produces seagrass, corals and coral blocks on different levels. The bright colors and the amazing variety of these materials provide a whole new design possibility on your realm without having to plan long dives in the farmworlds.

But that’s not all the Ocean Case has to offer. Inside it are also valuable skills that benefit players. The Respiration skill allows adventurers to dive underwater for longer and explore the mysterious depths of the ocean. With each level of this skill, the dive time increases considerably, allowing the brave divers to dive deeper and longer.

You like a to have a new prefix, the Ocean Case has the Flipping effect for you.

The Ocean Case also has a special effect on the overall gameplay. With the CP drop system, players can earn experience points, and everyone on the same lobby also receives a reward in the form of CP.

Another fascinating element of this case are the CP bottles. These magic bottles contain from 5 to 50 CP, these can be combined in a workbench up to a maximum of 1,000 CP. A new chapter of possibilities also opens with the invisible glowing frames. These frames highlight your maps and items even more without a visible frame changing the picture.

But the highlight of the Ocean Case are undoubtedly the Rocket Boots. With these boots you can fly onto your realm and thus explore it better, build structures at dizzying heights or simply chill out in the air. The boots have different levels, the levels increase your flight speed, the higher the level the faster you are.

If you have several boots with the same level, you can stack them for up to a maximum of 30 days. These boots cannot be enchanted, but they are also indestructible unless your flight time has expired. If the flight effect is not enough for you, but your boots still have a great rocket effect, you can buy this effect from Mandys Maschines.

And many more.


We are pleased to announce that we have taken a significant step towards internationalisation with our new lobby system. From now on, you will have two lobbies at your disposal: one in german and one in english.
To ensure a smooth gaming experience, the lobbies are strictly separated from each other. If you accidentally end up in the wrong lobby, you can either stay there or change lobbies using the command “/nav -> Lobby Selection”.

On your realm you can still play with all your friends, regardless of the lobby you are in. Thanks to a handy marker above the player’s name, you will immediately recognise if someone from another lobby is on your realm.

We have also introduced the new realm chat, which allows you to have your own chat on your realm. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your fellow players without disturbing the global chat or writing elaborate private messages.
To prevent players from another lobby on the mainworld from accidentally picking up your dropped items, we have disabled the drop of items in the lobby.

We would also like to thank all the alpha testers who gave us valuable feedback. The two alpha tests on 07/14/2023 with 72 participants and on 07/28/2023 with 77 participants were very successful. With your help, we were able to discover and fix a total of 129 bugs throughout the development phase of the lobby system.

The lobby system is a great step forward for our community, and we hope it will make your gaming experience on Landania even more exciting and enjoyable.
For more information, please visit our wiki page:

The End Mine has been brought into the game for you, so you don’t have to go to the End to farm End Stones, Chorus Fruit, Purple Blocks, End Rods, Ender Pearls or Obsidian. As your mine levels increase, items are produced at a faster rate. The different items are unlocked with higher levels.


See you soon for our next update!


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