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May Update 2023

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to present our innovations to you. One update that deserves special mention is the one that came about thanks to your feedback. Since May, you have been able to enter /as or /adminshop from certain ranks on your realm, farm world, or anywhere on the main world and buy or sell items directly from there.


More ways to earn CP!

In this context, we have also introduced CP (character points) for sales in the admin shops. This will allow you to level up faster to conquer new farm worlds, expand your realm, or place machines on your realm. In addition, many new server jobs have been introduced with the /jobs update, with which you can not only earn coins but also CP.


Rank Update

The rank update is now available! With the new rank update, you can achieve even more. Whether it’s picking up a 30 min farmworld fruit regularly every 7 days or workbenches for on-the-go like /loom or /stonecutter, there’s so much you can discover with the rank update. If you are interested in a rank, you can find the allay at the spawn of the main world to buy one.


The End-dimension

Furthermore, we are very happy to present you the End. Since May, players with a minimum level of 35 have been able to explore the End, fight the Ender Dragon or use the Ender Axe to put the fear of God into the Shulkers and collect shulker shells to build shulker boxes. In this context, we have also introduced the End chest, which contains great prizes related to the End.

See you soon for our next update!


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