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Landania Birthday

Hello everyone!
We are happy to present our birthday update today!

One year has already passed, during which we were able to present many new exciting innovations.

But rest is not in our nature, and on the occasion of our one-year anniversary we would like to surprise you with many new updates.

The mainworld now has a fresh look, inspired by your ideas. We have shortened the paths to the important places, placed a picturesque fountain in the center of the city and colorful market stalls invite you to linger.

But not only the appearance of the mainworld has changed. We proudly present our newest building: the Cosmetic House. At Coco’s Cosmetics you can completely change your clothes and create your own individual look. With Relics you can purchase all cosmetics that can be found in chests. These Relics are stackable and can of course be traded among each other.

Another highlight in our birthday update is the ability for Bedrock players to join the server. Note, however, that this is a public Alpha version, so there may be some bugs.

We are counting on your help, please report any bugs you found by using the command /bug along with a detailed description of the problem. It is important to report bugs promptly after they occur so that our developers have all the information they need to fix them quickly.

As we celebrate our first birthday today, we would like to surprise you with some new items. In our new chest you will find great new tools, decorative items and much more.

The furniture shop has also received an upgrade, including a basement with ever-changing furniture. We are proud to present colorful furniture that will bring a breath of fresh air to your realm.

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our interpretation of “OnlyUP”. Using the NPC under /spawn you can switch to the subserver and prove your skills by climbing the different levels. For each completed 25% level you will receive a small gift on Landania, which you can pick up with the command /onlyup. Note that the first gift is only available during the birthday event.

We hope you enjoy these new updates and surprises, and we look forward to another exciting year with you!


See you soon for our next update!


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