Minimum Requirements:


  • Minimum age: 16 years old (18+ years old is preferred).
  • Minimum playing time: 25 hours
  • High quality microphone
  • Programs: Discord and Minecraft
  • Available time per week to volunteer as a Builder: 10 hours.
  • Very high level of mental maturity.
  • No serious ban or mute offence (misconduct sanctions excluded)
  • Knowledge of Minecraft
  • No team member in another server network



What do we expect from you?


  • Appropriate mental maturity
  • Communicative and able to take criticism
  • Skills: independence and willingness to learn
  • Flexible
  • Positive appearance
  • Basic server knowledge (e.g. rules)
  • Experience in the Builder area
  • Pictures of your buildings
  • Experience in using WorldEdit & Voxelsniper

The questions should be answered truthfully.
Our whole team wishes you good luck with your application!